A BACK-TO-BACK EVENT | Posted: 04/07/2017

April 26 2017, Wednesday at Golden Prince Hotel & Suites

    Presentation of CBE Medal of Excellence Awardees
    MOA Signing of Senior High School Program 3:30 PM

International Training and Development Summit | Posted: 11/01/2016

The Philippine Society for Training and Development will hold its International Training and Development Summit slated on November 22, 2016. There will be a post summit conference on December 2 which will be facilitated by Dr Paul Stoltz . Both events will be held at Waterfront Hotel, Lahug, Cebu City. As these are 2 separate events, there will be separate registration fees as well with discounts for members of the academe.

The November 22, 2016, is the International Training and Development Summit with the theme on "The Learning Spectrum: Firing up Future Proof Organizations" . This will be a convergence of 7 international prominent and visionary resource persons in the Organizational and Human Resource Profession. Your HR executives, supervisors and team leaders are encouraged to join the first day.

On Dec 2, 2016, they will be having a post summit conference dubbed as "The Grisilient Leader : Becoming A Leader in Today's Tumultuous , Adversity,-Rich Times " with Dr. Paul Stoltz, the leading expert on the theory, integration, and application of Grit and Resilience (Adversity Quotient or AQ) . They are inviting your Board of Directors and Senior Executive Leaders to this event so your organization can better apply the GRIT and Resilience concepts and tools to your teams and your organizations.

The goal of this event is to strengthen your team and make them better equipped on how to harness adversity to make them better at their jobs and to make them more effective leaders, to be grittier and more resilient in their jobs and life.

Please find below the link to past studies PEAK has conducted with clients for your reference: http://peaklearningcom/about_aq_studies.php (By clicking on each client, you can see the overview, results, and detailed information for every study.)

Participants to Dr Stoltz' session on December 2 will receive the following learning resources and AQ/GRITKit materials that include :

  • Pre-session survey and compilation of results
  • The AQ Profile and /or GRIT Gauge assessment, delivered pre-session, competed online, with a comprehensive personalize report,
  • The newest book, GRIT - The Science of What It Takes To Persevere, Flourish, and Succeed
  • Real Deal , a card deck based tool for enhancing engagement
  • AQ Wallet Card ( credit card isized summary of key ideas)
  • Post-session assessment ( AQ Profile or GRIT Gauge) with group -wide comparative results, to gauge progress and areas of ongoing focus/effort.

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