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One thing I realized during my internship at Coalition for Better Education (CBE) is that learning things is a never ending process. I learned things I never knew I could as I was never the “technical” type of person, but through CBE, I have learned to push myself beyond my limits. I was always stubborn when it comes to editing, layouting and everything in between. I doubted myself for even making the letters move.

Through this experience, I came up to a conclusion that heroes are not born with greatness, that they don’t need special gems, potions, capes or intergalactic powers that the modern television instilled in us. We, ourselves, can be superheroes in our own ways. For sixteen strong years, CBE has been manufacturing - training educators or as I call them, the modern day superheroes. They mold the future of our country by instilling the gift that no one can steal from anybody and that is the gift of education. The experience made my belief regarding quality education as the key to development stronger than before.

CBE has somewhat became like a family to me despite of the short time I spent with them. We shared various moments together, scary stories. My journey with CBE has not only helped me develop as an intern but also as an individual. They have taught me that giving up is never a great option and is never a choice.

This whole journey really challenged my patience with myself and my will to learn. The people here also helped a lot in the whole process, mentoring us and giving us feedbacks on how we can improve our work.

Becoming an intern in CBE has taught me unparalleled knowledge that has cultivated me into an enhanced person. I entered this internship without any expectations, no concrete plans in mind and whatsoever, that whatever happens, I would just wing it from there. I like it when things take me by surprise, when tables are turned, unexpected experiences, unforeseen events.

My entire Devcom life has been devoted on the sustainable development goals. We would have thorough discussions about it, make infographic posters, public service announcements - where in the back of my mind, having high hopes to raise awareness for development to occur.

I wanted to experience first hand the real work that advocates at least one of the goals through CBE. I got a grasp on what it’s really like to work for development which is the real essence of being a Development Communication student. We communicate for change, we are future catalysts of change. Although CBE is not supported by the government, they still succeed in creating empowered learning communities.

This helped me prove that I am not just a storyteller with a wild imagination contained within the catacomb of my thoughts. I am more than that. CBE has helped me see through different angles and perspective, widen my horizon, divided the stroke of light within myself and produced a spectrum of learnings, my monochrome life turned colorful and once monotonous now harmonious.

CBE has helped me not only as a student but also as an individual. This paved the way for me to communicate more for change, to see the world in a wider perspective. I will always be thankful for the experience I gained that will surely be of help once I step in the reality of fully becoming a development communicator.

Daghang Salamat CBE!

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